Friday, September 30, 2022

Balachandra Menon comes with clarifications on Dileep remarks

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Balachandra Menon has been subject to intense criticisms from various corners, when he had hit social media spaces and sympathized with the condition of actor Dileep, during the times of actress abduction trial. The video featured Balachandra Menon maintaining that he was able to connect with the mental state of Dileep, when he was taken to police custody.

Well, soon then there were several comments from social media corners that criticized Balachandra Menon, over his act of sympathizing with an accused person in the actress abduction case. That said, Balachandra Menon has come up with an explanatory note now. Starting that his words were misinterpreted, the veteran said that he was merely referring to the state of being caught by authorities in public – an experience, which he had experienced while he was still a college student. The ace actor – director – script writer also stated that he had no alliance with either version of the actress abduction case.

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