Friday, September 30, 2022

Casting Couch in Tollywood: Junior Artist blasts against Pawan Kalyan!

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Telugu film industry seems to have got quite a lot to be rectified these days, as far as casting couch is concerned with. Each day, we are getting to know fresh names being popped up from corners. Shockingly, we get to see the names of on – screen idols being associated with these issues. In one such a shocking revelation, a Telugu junior artist has come forward, making some serious allegations against Pawan Kalyan. It was during the ‘Telugu Female Junior Artists Casting Couch Round Table Meeting’ took place last day, which one artist, named Sruthi came forward making some marked statements against Pawan Kalyan.

She criticized Pawan for promoting non native girls in Tollywood and accused him of getting massages from Bengali girls. Now, that is such a shocking statement, that it could have serious implications in the film – political careers of the star. Sruthi maintained that no woman should never ever vote for Pawan Kalyan. Not just limiting with his filmy affairs, the artist further questioned the wealth accumulated by Pawan Kalyan. She went onto state that Pawan could not have bought land in Amaravati and built a bungalow out from the money, he had earned from films. Though hard to digest, the rest of the women members of the meeting, were seen lauding Sruthi’s statements.

It was couple of days before, which Pawan Kalyan issued a statement on the casting couch issues. He advised women to go straight to the Court, rather than making publicity stunts. This was in direct link with the public statements made by Sri Reddy. Well, soon then Sri Reddy has come up with a social media post, stating that she wasn’t happy with the way Pawan Kalyan had reacted to. The ‘Telugu Female Junior Artists Casting Couch Round Table Meeting’ took place at Somajiguda Press Club, Hyderabad. The event saw a number of women from Tollywood, including Sri Reddy, attending it and sharing their experience. Most of them shared their angst over the senior artists in the industry not speaking against the widespread casting couch issues.

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