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Director is unhappy with Luca DVD

After making it to the 100th day of its theatrical run, Tovino – Ahana starrer ‘Luca’ has finally made its presence felt in the DVD market. However, director Arun Bose is quite unhappy with the DVD form. In fact, he was shocked to see the presence of some major cuts in the final DVD version of ‘Luca’. He was referring to the lip lock scene between Tovino and Ahana, which was edited and cut down in the DVD version.

Taking social media corners to express his unhappiness, Arun Bose maintained that he was disheartened to see the edited version being made its presence felt in the DVD form. Adding that, the particular scene was vital to the whole proceedings of the project, director maintained that the scene wasn’t written for any gimmicks, but was conceived with special purpose. Anyhow, the heartfelt social media post of the director has made it into the hearts of movie buffs.

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