Monday, February 6, 2023
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Disguised as Master Sanoop; police arrested a youth

A youngster from Malappuram was arrested by police, over the case of disguising as Master Sanoop. The person was identified as Rahul (22) from Ponnani. Officials maintained that the youngster had been making whatsapp calls to various actresses from the industry, by introducing himself as Master Sanoop. Going in line with reports, several actresses have approached Sanoosha and complained that her brother was making phone calls to them, and was inquiring the number of other actresses.

On checking the whatsapp number, it came to be understood that the number wasn’t that of Master Sanoop’s. On the complaint filed by the actor’s father Santhosh, Kannur police has started an investigation on the same. With the actual culprit being caught by the police, Master Sanoop has come out with a clean chit now.

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