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DQ unveiled Wayfarer Films logo

Dulquer Salmaan has unveiled the logo of his production company, ‘Wayfarer Films’. Upon the release of the logo, social media has started discussing the logo, with great interest. The logo has got a person walking, while holding the hand of a child. While sharing the logo, DQ maintained that, he owes much to a person, and the courtesy has been represented in the logo. Well, DQ’s courtesy comment has gone onto become the talk of the town, with film lovers eager to know the person.

A number of people have come forward giving their suggestion, with many opining that, the child in the logo might be DQ’s daughter. On, the other hand, another section was of the opinion that, DQ was referring to his own childhood. Anyhow, the production venture of Dulqer Salmaan has already committed to producer three films, including the ones starring DQ himself.

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