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Drunk and brawl: Actor Sudheer comes with explanations

Last day, we saw one such a video of actor Sudheer going viral. The video, which was shot by a fellow onlooker, saw the actor squabbling with a group of people. The video came with a tagline, which tagged the actor as being drunk and attacking commoners. Appearing in facebook live, Sudheer maintained that he hasn’t got the habit of drinking, because of the love for his body. Adding that he did fought with some people, but wasn’t the one, who had started it off.


According to his version, a fellow man, who was heavily drunk, wasn’t created tantrum for the actor and co in the middle of the road, when they were going for attending a function. “It was the attempt of moving the man from the road, which ended up in fight,” says Sudheer. The actor further stated that, a group of people had joined the drunken man and worsened the situation.

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