Friday Film House teams up with Jayasurya for Thrissur Pooram

On the day of ringing the final bells of Thrissur Pooram, Malayalam cinema has got yet another interesting movie announcement. Starring Jayasurya in the lead role, ‘Friday Film House’ has announced their next production venture, Thrissur Pooram. The first look of the project, which got released, saw Jayasurya appearing in a mass avatar. The character name of the star in the movie is ‘Round Jayan’.

Upon announcement, fans of Jayasurya have jumped into celebrate the latest mass avatar of Jayasurya. Social media is abuzz with talks of Jayasurya going to have yet another hugely popular mass avatar, just in line with the Aadu series. Penned by Ratheesh Vega, Thrissur Pooram would get start production by the month of October. Rajesh Mohanan is been helmed to wield the megaphone.