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Has Rakul never gone through Casting Couch?

Well, casting couch related complaints are on a raise there days. A number of actresses from different industries have come forward sharing their experiences of exploitation in film industries. The issues reached a different level, when Sambasiva Rao has compared actresses to whores. It was during a TV programme, hosted by him, which Sambasiva Rao made the controversial comment. A number of film personalities came forward with some marked comments on the Sambasiva Rao’s opinion. Well, Rakul Preet Singh too has severely criticized and has produced an entirely different story. She opined that Telugu film industry hasn’t got such problems and gave clean chit to the industry. However, she too was subject to a whole lot of critical comments.

Actresses Maadhavi Latha and Sri Reddy have openly stated that Rakul was doing nothing but blatantly lying. Accusing Rakul for spreading false notions, the actresses were of the opinion that Rakul was afraid of losing opportunities. They were seen angry over Rakul’s comments and said that such comments from a known actress, like Rakul, would definitely be giving a completely different and fictitious story to the young actresses of the industry. They underlined that every new actress would be subjected to exploitation, if they were not aware of the pitfalls. Severely criticizing Rakul for giving wrong information, the actresses questioned the motive behind Rakul’s words. Their point was that experienced actresses should guide youngsters and be brave to pronounce the follies present in the industry.

Well, the actresses maintained that they were willing to divulge the name of people, associated with casting couch. Seemed determinant enough to wipe out the issue, Sri Reddy and Maadhavi Latha were surely going to make waves in the coming days. It seems like Tollywood is going to have some explosive days up ahead. It has to be seen whether any known figures were associated with the casting couch, which has graced the industry, as was narrated by the actresses.

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