HC verdict is out: Sajeev Pillai is Mamankam script writer

Kerala High Court has produced a notable verdict on the case between Sajeev Pillai and team ‘Mamankam’. The court has asserted the position of Sajeev Pillai as the original script writer of ‘Mamankam’ movie. The decision from the court would now force team ‘Mamankam’ to remove the name of Sankar Ramakrishnan as the script writer of the movie. The petition filed by Sajeev Pillai wanted the release of ‘Mamankam’ to be postponed. However, the court hasn’t given nod to the need of Sajeev Pillai.

Earlier, Megastar Mammootty starrer ‘Mamankam’ had all the negative publicity, over the alleged forced exit of Sajeev Pillai, who was the original director of the project. Subsequently, the industry had witnessed a slew of accusations raised by Sajeev Pillai over his feud between him and team ‘Mamankam’.