Friday, September 30, 2022

‘I am away from films’ says Saif Ali Khan

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Saif Ali Khan’s name, though might not be read along with the Khans of Bollywood, he is definitely a star of his kind. The actor seems to be not concerned much about the numbers and hasn’t got a huge release for a while now. His next movie is ‘Bazaar’, but most importantly he is all set to make his web debut. ‘Sacred Games’. Since he has been around the corner for quite a long time, Saif Ali has learnt some invaluable lessons. The work – life balance, is something which he considers the most important of all. Speaking about how he achieves this, Saif gladly gives the credit to his parents.

Speaking about his journey so far, Saif seems to have gone a bit philosophical. Commenting that one must give utmost importance to work – life balance, Saif placed much an importance for the value of time as well. The star, about his work – life balance, said that his was of a life away from films. Stating that his happiness wasn’t based on the movie world, Saif however adds that he commits movies and attends parties, merely for the sake of meeting some wonderful people out there. However, Saif once again places more importance to personal life. Most importantly, enjoying life is one thing which Saif wanted the most.

One thing which the actor dared to acknowledge was that some of his past movies weren’t box office hits. We should appreciate this stance as many stars cleverly leave out this part. Speaking about personal life, Saif rates himself as a guy somewhere between being clever and messy, though he is far away from both. He also said that he would only commit movies, which he could connect to. Anyways, Saif is enjoying life with his beautiful family, while Kareena and Taimur Ali Khan both make his life complete.

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