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“It was hard to make Priya the heroine in Oru Adaar Love”, Omar Lulu

Director Omar Lulu was at the receiving end of all criticisms, right from the beginning of the project Oru Adaar Love. The movie, which portrayed teenage love story, has gone onto become the center of attraction, ever since the day the song ‘Manikyamalaraaya…’ got released. With Priya Warrier becoming a nationwide celebrity with her wink, the movie became too big to handle for Omar Lulu and co. Well, the director has now come open about the hard days, and maintained that he was forced to change the script, in order to meet the market’s expectations of brand Priya.

Stating that producer forced him to alter the script in order to give importance to Priya, Omar added that the changed course of affair had affected Noorin Sherif, who was chose as the heroine right from the day the project got started. Omar went onto state that at a point of time, he was desperate to finish the project at the earliest, for not able to handle the pressure. It was in recent time that Priya Warrier made a controversial instagram post over the feud between her and Noorin Sherif.

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