Kaniha’s advice to beauty worshipers

Kaniha has been in the business for quite a long time and the actress is amongst the few artists in the industry, who has defied the rules of ageing. Well, the actress has come up with a social media post, in which she was seen talking about the futility of external beauty. While referring to one such an incident, which happened in her life some months ago, Kaniha maintained that no one should feel embarrassed for their body.

According to Kaniha, couple of months ago, she was struck with the incident of spotting pimples all over her face. Quite new to her, the experience of pimpled face was really heart wrecking and the same has caused her to lose self confidence. However, the timely intervention of doctors has helped her to get back into old times. That said, it was a revelation moment for Kaniha, that she came to know the uselessness of paying much an attention over the external appearances.