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KRK diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer; still gets trolled

Kamaal Rashid Khan, or popularly known as KRK, is known for his extensive self promotion. The man has always grabbed attention for making controversial statements. Not very long was when he invited irk of fans for trolling south superstars. Always known for his teasing comments, KRK however was locked down, when locked horns with Aamir Khan. Now, he is once again making headlines, and is again being subject for trolling. He informed everyone out there in Twitter space, that he was diagnosed with stage 3 Cancer. The twitter post, however still generated him numerous trolls.

According to the twitter post, the actor was diagnosed with stomach cancer. When the actor has come up with this twitter post, some expressed their shock and prayed for him to get better. However a large chunk of twitter users were of the opinion that he was lying and ridiculed KRK. They commented that KRK was doing nothing, but publicity stunt for grabbing attention. The twitter post of Kamaal R Khan maintained that he would soon die, within 1-2 years from then. While it is not clear whether he was serious or not, but Twitterati can’t control trolling him. Soon then making this twitter post, the actor has come up revealing his last wishes. According to him 2 of his wishes would remain unfulfilled: 1) Producing an A grade film and 2) Working with Amitabh Bachchan.

Before concluding, KRK maintained that he doesn’t want the sympathy of anyone. KRK added that he would continue remaining like what he used to be. However, one thing which many found positive on this post, was that, KRK appreciated even those who had trolled him. KRK asked people to hate and love him, like they had been doing before. In short, he said that he never wanted anyone’s sympathy. Well, if this is right, then definitely it is a sad moment; on the other hand, if he is just faking, then it’s a different story.

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