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Lucifer: Here is how Prithviraj sorted out fans’ doubts

Lucifer, as we all know is one of the most anticipated movies of Mollywood in recent times. With the movie heading to hit big screens within a short span of time, fans are eager to know what’s inside the box. Prithviraj, who must be thrilled to showcase his directorial prowess before the audience, is also keen on knowing how his movie is doing in the social media discussion spaces. Well, with the actor – director getting repeated queries from round the corners, he seems not hesitant to not face them.

When repeatedly asked about the movie and its story, Prithviraj decided to answer it in his usual swag. For all such queries, which wanted to know the story, Prithviraj reserved one answer – You’ll get it to know, when movie gets released. For those who want to know about the climax, Prithviraj wasted no time to reply that, it would be shown by the end of the movie. Anyhow, social media spaces have already taken the answer of Prithviraj.

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