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Lucifer team wrapped up shooting

Prithviraj Sukumaran has taken the twitter space to inform something that the whole industry loved. He informed that the shooting of ‘Lucifer’ has finally come to an end; according to the tweet of Prithvi, his team has wrapped up the shooting of ‘Lucifer’ exactly at 4.30 am today at Lakshadweep.

The tweet of Prithviraj has gone well with social media corners, who praised the actor for sticking to his schedules. Earlier, in December, the star had expressed his hopes of completing the shooting of ‘Lucifer’ by the mid of January. Back then, the actor had also maintained that post production works were going in tandem and would soon come to an end as well. Anyhow, this Mohanlal starrer Prithvi direction venture carries much hope from Mollywood. And lets safely assume that ‘Lucifer’ is in the process of creating some notable records this year.

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