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Parmanu: John Abraham terminates contract with Kriarj

John Abraham’s name has been involved with a whole lot of controversies recently. It was issues related to financial transactions, which JA Entertainment decided terminating agreement with Kriarj Entertainment. While publishing a trade notice regarding the same, JA Entertainment commented that their decision was inevitable. John accused Prerna Arora’s Kriarj Entertainment for material breaches, JA Entertainment. He further added that Kriarj would no longer have any right over the movie ‘Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran’. The trade notice maintained that Kriarj Entertainment had delayed the payment, which in turn, delayed the post production procedures.

Releasing multiple statements, JA Entertainments said that all the production procedures were handled by them. On the other hand, the post production procedure costs were meant to be covered by Kriarj Entertainment. However, replying to the JA Entertainment’s notice, Kriarj Entertainments said that the company’s decision was invalid and illegal. Adding that their right over the movie ‘Parmanu’ would continue, Kriarj’s decision is sure to create a legal battle. Kriarj further accused JA Entertainment for not fulfilling its commitment. It has to be seen how Kriarj would be coping with JA Entertainment’s complaint of giving wrong UTR number. The complaint list of JA Entertainment is such vast, and the company pointed out Kriarj’s bad reputation for their decision. Earlier, Kriarj entered into a legal tangle with Abhishek Kapoor over ‘Kedarnath’.

Kriarj Entertainment went onto state that JA Entertainment was asking for unreasonable amount, contrary to the agreement. Meanwhile, JA Entertainment is expected to out the releasing date of the movie soon in the coming days. However, the legal battle with Kriarj, might hamper the prospects of this John Abraham movie. That said, JA Entertainment is getting ready to move legally against any such attempt from Kriarj in defaming the project. Kriarj Entertainment has already started accusing John Abraham for not cooperating. Prerna Arora commented that despite repeated requests from their part, John Abraham wasn’t ready to reduce his exorbitant remuneration.

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