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‘Petta’ piracy; Vishal wanted strict actions to be taken

With a fellow movie buff reporting about superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Petta’ being screened in a government bus, it seems like there is no ways to put an end to piracy. Actor and Nadigar Sangam secretary Vishal, who has always taken some bold steps against piracy, has taken the issue on a serious note. The actor requested government to take some serious actions against piracy. He also maintained that he was extremely saddened by the fact that such an incident took place in a government bus.

Earlier, it was during a journey from Karur to Chennai that a passenger, noticed that the bus was playing ‘Petta’, while the movie is still running in packed houses across all releasing centers. The anti piracy cell of TFPC commented that they have taken the issue seriously and would take necessary actions at the earliest.

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