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Priyadarshi was certain about this thing in ‘Mallesham’

Priyadarshi is quite happy these days, as the actor is all set to enter the big league with a lead role in the movie ‘Mallesham’. A biopic of Mallesham, a weaver from Aler and a recipient of Padma Shri, the movie has provided the much needed consolation for Priyadarshi, who was reeling under pressure of not being offered roles other than comical ones and second fiddles. While speaking about the project, Priyadarshi maintained that he was privileged for being offered the role.

However, the actor commented that he was certain about not imitating the person at any point of the making of film. The actor said that the first looks of the movie underlined the amount of hard work that he has put into the film. That said, catering to a wider audience, Priyadarshi maintained that he had opted out from making the character look like caricature.

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