Friday, September 30, 2022

Racial Discrimination: A disheartening post from makers of ‘Sudani From Nigeria’

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‘Sudani From Nigeria’ has virtually generated no negative publicity and the movie turned out to be on its way to superhit, or even blockbuster status. Starring Soubin Shahir and Nigerian actor Samuel Robinson, this Zakariya directorial is getting thunderous response from elsewhere it got released. Everyone associated with the movie has turned out to be extremely happy with the kind of response it has managed to create. Well, into this situation, which a new lease of controversies popped into. When the Nigerian actor Samuel Robinson has taken social media corners to state that he had faced racial discrimination from the makers of ‘Sudani From Nigeria’, it virtually shocked the entire film industry. Not just the industry, but even film buffs were stunned hearing such a serious accusation.

It was over wage issue, which Samuel Robinson has taken the social media corners, to express his angriness. Stating that he was paid far less in comparison to those of his Malayalee counterparts, Samuel Robinson maintained that the discrimination in payment, was merely due to his skin colour. Well, his series of facebook posts have turned out to be quite controversial and everyone was looking at the response from the producers of the movie. Finally, Sameer Tahir and Shyju Khalid has decided stopping the silence and said that there happened no such a thing called racial discrimination during the shooting of ‘Sudani From Nigeria’. The facebook post appeared on the official page of the production house – Happy Hours Entertainment – maintained that they had already paid the amount to Samuel Robinson, according to the agreement. They pointed out that the Nigerian actor was on the board, only after agreeing to the amount offered to him. However, they added that they had plans of treating all the ones associated with the project, on a better fashion, upon the movie turning out to be box office success.

Well, as far as the box office success, which the movie has met with, makers mentioned that it would take time for the money to reach the hands of the producers. Into the most important part of the accusation – racial discrimination! It was quite disheartening, was the comment of the producers. Sameer Tahir and Shyju Khalid maintained that Samuel Robinson might have received numbers and news reports form false sources. Nevertheless, they expressed the utmost grief from such accusations from a friend.

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