Ranjith Shankar is in all praise for Suraj Venjarammoodu and ‘Finals’

Director Ranjith Shankar has taken social media spaces to express his utmost happiness in watching the PA Arun directed ‘Finals’. Praising the movie, Ranjith Shankar specifically pointed out couple of scenes, which he liked the most. However, it was Suraj Venjarammoodu, whose performance stunned Ranjith Shankar. Describing the performance of Suraj’s portrayal as Varghese as the actor’s career best performance, Ranjith Shankar has gone onto maintain that ‘Finals’ can be considered the best Malayalam Sports Cinema.

That said, the noted director praised Rejisha Vijayan and NIranjan Raju for their portrayal of their respective characters. Before concluding his words, Ranjith Shankar also maintained that one would have to miss the movie only at his/her own risk.