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RGV’s tweet on Naga Chaitanya goes viral

Ram Gopal Varma is one such a director, whose name is always associated with controversies. The veteran director has always attempted something that would eventually end up as controversy. One such an instance happened now, when RGV tweeted about Naga Chaitanya. While commenting on the trailer of the much hyped movie Majili, RGV maintained that he loves Naga Chaitanya more than Samantha Prabhu. Admitting that he was teweeting under the influence of Vodka, RGV however bolstered his statement that he would have loved Naga Chaitanya more, had he not been under the influence of Vodka.

Well, he continued from there, and added that he wasn’t a gay in order to clarify the doubts of those who might have raised their eyebrows. Before concluding, RGV also added that he loves Samantha more than Naga Chaitanya. Seems like, he changed his mind later, as RGV had deleted the tweet. That said, the tweet had already done its business and reached Naga Chaitanya, who had given reply by cheering RGV.

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