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Riyaz on why he came back with ‘Akashaganga 2’

Riyaz is one such an actor, who is still remembered for his presence in the evergreen movie ‘Akashaganga’. The Vinayan directorial, though gave him a great launchpad, the actor however hasn’t managed to make further strides in the industry later on. Well, more than two decades down the lane, the actor is back in the industry with ‘Akashaganga 2’. On speaking about the project, and how he landed in it, Riyaz maintained that it was an offer, which he couldn’t refuse.

Stating that he had always kept the interest to be back in the business, Riyaz was of the opinion that he had been lucky enough to experience the love of common people, who mainly recognize him as the hero of ‘Akashaganga’. That said, Riyaz was of the opinion that things have changed quite a lot since then, and he learnt quite a lot from the younger generation, while shooting for ‘Akashaganga 2’.

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