Thursday, September 29, 2022

Samuel Robinson faced racial discrimination in Kerala..!

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While ‘Sudani From Nigeria’ has turned out to be a surprise hit at Kerala Box office, the movie is turning out to be a blockbuster in controversial columns as well. When the Nigerian actor Samuel Robinson has come up with a facebook post stating that he had experienced racial discrimination in Kerala, while shooting for the movie, it brought a whole lot of heated discussions on the table. The facebook post received widespread attention from round the corners and most of them were negative in tone. Malayalaees have pointed out that what Samuel Robinson had done was completely unacceptable. Well, seeing the kind of negativity his facebook post has generated, Samuel Robinson has come forward with a series of fb posts, clarifying the state of facts.

Well, Samuel Robinson said that he was paid much less in comparison to those of the debutants in Malayalam cinema. During his successive facebook posts, he maintained that the amount, which he received for ‘Sudani from Nigeria’ was also much lesser in comparison to the amount, which he usually charges in Nigeria. He said that he was under the impression that the movie was such a moderately budgeted project. He further added that producers of the movie had assured him of paying more, if the movie generated profits. What actually prompted Samuel Robinson to come up with allegations, was that of the information, which he received that the movie had doubled its investment from Kerala box office within 7 days. While posting a facebook video, the actor commented that he was paid less than INR 5 lakh and it proved unfruitful, considering his travelling charges to Nigeria.

That said he clarified later that the public in Kerala had never offended him due to his skin colour. From his words, it was clear that the Kerala public treated him very well and the actor thoroughly enjoyed his stay in Kerala. Though the general opinion of facebook users was that he should have paid off in a better fashion, the actor clubbing the underpayment with that of racism, hasn’t gone well with them either.

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