Shane Nigam banned by Producers’ Association

Actor Shane Nigam has met with a ban by the Producers’ Association, over the complaint of producer Joby George.. It was during the meeting which held later this day between the officials that the Association has decided to exert a ban on the young actor. The complaint filed by Joby George, stated that Shane wasn’t associating with the shooting of his project ‘Veyil’. Speaking on the issue in connection with the controversy, which took place recently, Joby George maintained that Shane wasn’t associating with the project, even after reaching in on an agreement with the actor in terms of remuneration.

The press meet convened by the makers of ‘Veyil’ stated that Shane wasn’t associating with the shooting. It was in recent time that the open brawl between Shane and Joby George over the project ‘Veyil’, gave way for a heated public debate. As per the decision taken by the Association, no member would cooperate with the actor hereafter, unless an amicable solution is been made.