Shane Nigam sports a new look; ‘Veyil’ director looks helpless

Shane Nigam has stunned audience by presenting himself in an entirely new getup. The latest getup showcased Shane sporting a trimmed hairstyle and social media has shared its concern about Shane’s latest appearance. Interestingly, many were concerned about the star’s latest appearance in connection with the ‘Veyil’ controversy. As was expected, ‘Veyil’ director Sarath Menon has come up, sharing his deep sadness over the latest happening.

‘Veyil’ is in a standstill mode right now as the project needs many sequences involving Shane. Director maintained that the movie needs Shane in an entirely different getup, which can’t be made look genuine, if they go with some fancy piece of wigs. Anyhow, it must be now over the further ways in which ‘Veyil’ would be proceeding; the feud between Shane on one side and producer Joby George and director Sarath on the other side, seems like not going to have an end point in the near future.