Thursday, September 29, 2022

Sudani From Nigeria: It’s all resolved, says Samuel Robinson

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Finally, Nigerian actor Samuel Abiola Robinson has informed that everything was over with ‘Sudani From Nigeria’. The actor, like in previous occasions, did inform the news through a facebook post. The actor said that he had been contacted by the producers of the movie for settling the issue. Adding that, the actor also mentioned about getting a reasonable amount from the makers of ‘Sudani From Nigeria’. The highlight of this recent facebook post was that the actor has furcated the issue from racism. He acknowledged that the controversy was born out from – misunderstanding, miscommunication and misinformation – between the parties concerned.

During the facebook post, the actor apologized to the people of Kerala, for his previous statements. He went onto describe Kerala as one of the friendliest places in Asia for Africans to visit. While thanking the support he had received from elsewhere, the actor however placed a special mention for Minister Thomas Isaac. Earlier, the Minister had stressed the need to resolve the issue at the earliest. Similarly, the actor has pleaded everyone to not show any contempt towards the makers of ‘Sudani From Nigeria’. Samuel Robinson also shared the memories of the warm relationship, which they had maintained during the shooting days of the movie. Nevertheless, he identified the recent issues as part of normal affairs, which happens in a family.

Meanwhile, Samuel Robinson didn’t forget to take a dig at those, who had mocked him in this issue. However, the actor was of the opinion that such people constituted only a miniscule of Kerala’s society. Yet another important decision, which he had taken, was that of donating a part of his remuneration from the movie to the ‘Red Card Anti Racism Education Charity’. The actor’s comments were all well received by the social media corners. And thus, the much discussed issue surrounding ‘Sudani From Nigeria’ has come to an end.

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