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They might kill me, says Anusree

Anusree is one such an actress, who handles all kinds of roles with ease. The actress has proved her mettle with different kinds of roles and is a much loved persona. Even her interviews at mini screen have earned her admirers. Well, the social media corners are discussing one of the actress’s facebook live video. Her facebook live video appeared couple of days ago, was meant to convey Easter wishes. Along with conveying Easter wishes, the actress also shared some personal feelings as well. Her facebook video opened up some issues, which has taken deep roots in society.

During her Easter conveyance message, one fellow facebook user has addressed her as an RSS activist. Seeing this comment, Anusree went onto briefly discuss the incident, which tagged her as party activist. The instance of the actress appearing for Sri Krishna Jayanti festival organized by ‘Balagokulam’ received widespread attention. However, Anusree made it clear that she had never attended any function, with political motives. She said that since her home was near to temple, she used to appear for the festivals related to temple. She added that, had her home been close to churches or mosques, she would have readily participated in such festivals. Further, the actress narrated one such an instance, when she was publicly addressed as an RSS activist. Watching the ferocity of those people, Anusree commented that they might have killed her, if got an opportunity.

Anusree however had no qualms in stating that she would continue participating in functions organized by ‘Balagokulam’. The reason, which she quotes, was that she used to do so from childhood days itself. Anusree maintained that she has got friends from different religions and used to participate in all possible functions. Making it clear that she had never diluted politics along with festivals, the actress requested people not to identify her as a party worker anymore.

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