Thursday, September 29, 2022

What is with Meera Jasmine? Here comes Arun Gopy’s striking remark

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Soon when Arun Gopy shared a picture with Meera Jasmine, it was a time of harsh comments for the director. Fellow social media users questioned the motive behind the pictures and were of the opinion that both Arun Gopy and Meera Jasmine share a special bond, other than friendship. Well, seeing all these, Arun Gopy has taken the social media spaces to bash out all those, who suspected his friendship with Meera Jasmine.

Criticizing those who have made such remarks, Arun Gopy questioned the mentality of people, who come up with such opinions. He maintained that he would pose for similar pictures with friends, be it male or female. Anyhow, the social media post of Arun Gopy has found takers as many have come forward supporting the young director’s stance.

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