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What makes Tiger Shroff quite happy these days..?

Tiger Shroff is amongst the crop of current generation stars, who have made it to the hearts of film going public within a short span of time. Entering the Bollywood arena as the son of Jackie Shroff, the young tiger has gone onto become one of the most loved young stars in B – Town. In fact, Tiger has got all the stuff in him, which makes us wait for his movie. Certainly, he has got an amazing body and his dance is something, which you would fall in love with. Yes, he is a star of his own now. That said, ask Tiger Shroff to comment on his journey in Bollywood. You would find him an extremely happy person.

Upon confronting similar questions, Tiger said that he was happy for creating an identity of his own. However, does he feel security? Definitely NO! When asked about his state of mind these days, the star commented that he was feeling a huge pressure these days. He added that he wanted to make sure that he wasn’t out from the industry for his mistakes, the star made it clear that he was climbing the ladder with much fast. Though he is extremely happy over the fact that, he has reached the current position, he however wants to ensure that he keeps going forward in the same pace. That said, one thing which Tiger wants more than everything is to ‘inspire the uninspired’. Adding that he would rather prefer to emotionally connect with the audience and find an appeal amongst the younger section of the audience. Incidentally, he commented that he wanted to create a revolution in the industry.

A strongly determined person, Tiger is really making a revolution. Part of the ‘Baaghi’ series, the second part is all set to be released. With the next installment already announced, the star should be a proud man to make his presence felt in big time within such a short span of time – four years.

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