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Wow, Tom Cruise and Salman Khan in one frame!

While he might not have the biggest hits of recent times, Tom Cruise is one star, whose name stays at top, whenever you count Hollywood’s biggest stars. Incidentally, he is amongst the last rung of superstars from Hollywood, whose name could create huge queues in front of cinema halls. While Hollywood has long shed the tradition of marking a film merely based on the lead star, Tom Cruise is an exception. Coming to the point, we might have a hugest possible film coming up – Race 3. Well, the multi starrer flick is already reigning high on anticipation, with Salman Khan being part of ‘Race’ family for the first time. Can this star cast get even bigger? Will Tom Cruise be part of this huge project?

Bollywood media is abuzz with similar reports, which states that Tom Cruise might act in ‘Race 3’ and his role would be of a cameo in nature, though some other are of the opinion that the star might go for an extended cameo appearance. All started chanting the news report, when Anil Kapoor has gone to meet Tom Cruise. Incidentally, both were in Dubai shooting for their respective films. Anil Kapoor was being part of his ‘Race 3’ and Tom Cruise was for his next installment in MI series – ‘Mission Impossible Fallout’.  Both found time to take a leave from the set and join each other. Well, the meeting was arranged by keeping utmost secrecy that not many had prior knowledge about the same. Their friendship takes root to the time, when Anil Kapoor did an extended cameo role in MI series earlier. Soon after they finished their meeting and the news got leaked, paparazzi started creating news columns. However, it is learnt that both were having a purely friendly meeting that they were recreating the old days.

Anil Kapoor along with this ‘Race 3’ family will hit big screens on June this year. Tom Cruise, on the other hand, will be making it big at the US box office, when the latest installment to MI series hits on July.

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