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Bobby Malayalam Movie Review

A 21 year old boy Bobby (Niranj) falling for a girl much older to him Maria (Miya), is what ‘Booby’ has in it. Well, we have to mention one thing that, Bobby was destined to be a priest, had if he followed the rituals of the seminary religiously. Well meeting Maria was something changed his careless, happy go lucky life. How he wins Maria, who having her own personal problems, is something which we have to find with ‘Booby’.

Though not an out and out new thread, Bobby definitely has got a promising tale. We admit the fact that it is movie from inexperienced, or to be more precise from the ones, who doesn’t carry any heavy portfolios in their kitty. That inexperience seems to have caused ‘Bobby’ to not present a daring tale. Okay, makers were not going for a realistic cinematic experience; but the fact that, ‘Bobby’ blindly followed some age old commercial formula, which have lost its sheen long ago. Instances are aplenty in ‘Bobby’, when you badly wanted to scissor some mindless comic craps cracked on the big screen.

An area, which cost dearly for ‘Bobby’ was the inappropriateness shown by the makers in controlling the pace of the project. That said, we needed to have a credible reason for Bobby started loving Maria, and believe guys, that process really takes some time; but, all on a sudden Bobby lands into Maria. Had if the characterization was given with a bit more care, the result could have been entirely different. On a similar fashion, makers were in mood of 100 meter sprinters, while finishing off the climax portions all on a sudden. Making an impactful movie requires you to have consistency with the plot and characters. You would see some characters strikingly missing the action, after a point of time.

All that said doesn’t mean that ‘Bobby’ lets you down in all aspects. After a dilapidated first half, it charges up and gained some momentum. Interestingly, the story goes through its best moments, during post interval sessions. Sans the fact that it wasn’t in total accordance with the first half, the latter half did ooze some fresh moments. We would have loved the move, had if it managed such an energy level throughout the show. Though the musical department evoked a mixed feeling, cinematography was really good. The movie has managed to keep its colourful tone throughout.

But, the real strength of the movie lies in the performance of the lead cast members. For Miya, the character of Maria might not have posed a big threat. It was delight watching her on the big screen, with her effortless acting. On the other hand, Niranj has really proved that acting is definitely running through his blood. He excelled in both sentimental scenes as well as the comic ones. While the visible traits of imitation can’t be turned down, Niranj convincingly portrayed the titular character. The rest like Shammi Thilakan, Aju Varghese, Pashanam Shaji and to name others, have all done similar characters before and they didn’t disappoint our expectations on them.

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