Kammara Sambhavam Movie Review: ‘Dileep at his Best’

‘History is a set of lies agreed upon’. Murali Gopi has availed the service of this quote of Napoleon Bonaparte in getting you the crux of the movie. As you watch the movie, the mystery of coiling a history book would get uncoiled.

Kammara Sambhavam has to be watched as a film, which satirizes the world around you. You will come across a number of incidents, which you have gone through your life/seen till date. The movie however runs for more than 3 hours, and a number of instances that could trouble a regular cine goer. But, as a whole, Kammara Sambhavam has delivered a technically superior experience.

First of all, ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ has got two parts, which takes you through two versions of a single story. The only difference, which you can spot, is that one happens to be the ‘Truth’, and the other being the ‘History’. The meeting between a group of two legged animals (obviously, we call them man) ended up in discussing the life of ‘Kammaran Nambiar’ (Dileep). Their attempt to revive his story, takes them through an unusual path. A fellow filmmaker Pulikesi (Bobby SImha) gets onboard in the process. Well, creation of his story, gives way for ‘History’. The process of making History gets completed, when a set of lies reached in on a false agreement with Truth. For that matter, first of all, you need to know what the ‘Truth’ is. In the true story, we have Othenan (Siddharth) – a champion of freedom and a fierce warrior for ILP (Indian Liberation Party). There you will see Kammaran, a coward, but intelligent (if you call it in that way) guy. Kammaran, with his penchant for fooling others, fetches what he desires for.

Well, subsequently, ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ goes through the other version of the story. In this ‘History’, Kammaran has got a superhero figure. You will see this man, being the ultimate symbol of an alpha machismo. ‘Othenan’, on the other hand, is just the flip side of what he was in the ‘True’ story. In fact, you will see each character from the ‘Truth’ flipping their personality, when it comes to the ‘History’. The script of Murali Gopi, as always, is filled with a set of complex elements, agreed upon. Well, let’s not discuss his politics here. But, the movie, definitely gives you a clear political picture. Overtly shunning two political wings, the script of ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ gives you an alternate option. Well, this one too is of no different from those of the other ones, and isn’t better either. The script tries to brace both Gandhiji and Subhash Chandra Bose, alike.

As we mentioned earlier, ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ is more of like a satire. Interestingly, there is an element of spoof as well. Throughout the movie, there is a constant tussle between different classes. A struggle for power is what makes the very structure of the script of this movie. The one who managed to adapt to the change, emerged victorious. After all history is written by winners. The script of ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ thus adeptly draws a boundary between actual history and the ‘History’.

Director Rathish Ambat did a neat job in presenting the script in an engaging manner. Well if you seriously ask me whether the movie was engaging enough to endure three hours, I have to give a mixed response. There were parts, which could have been avoided for the sake of delivering a better movie watching experience. Albeit they have a movie within movie concept, some parts could have been trimmed, had they genuinely intended presenting the movie for the audience of this era. Having said that, this movie rides heavily on the visual experience, which it has to offer. Great visuals, coupled with that of a heavy doss of color toning, has delivered a fruitful experience. The VFX work was far better than that of the usual standards of Malayalam cinema.

Acting department, having a number of iconic names in it, did manage living up to the star studded portfolio. Be it Dileep or Siddharth, or any other artist for that matter, has got a wonderful opportunity to exhibit the two sides of a single character. And they all have withstood the challenge very well.

A spoof, satire and periodic movie, call it whatever, ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ deserves to be applauded for the kind of treatment it has dared to. Barring a lengthy narration, there wasn’t much of a problem associated with the movie. But, this one is definitely not a cup of tea for everyone. Once again, let’s go with Napoleon. The history of ‘Kammaran’ too is a set of lies agreed upon; like, many other legendary figures…!

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