‘Mohanlal’ Movie Review: A Complete Family Entertainer

‘Mohanlal’ Movie Review: Mohanlal – the name itself is enough to weak the knees of any Malayalee. The actor, over the years has grown into a huge persona, who is been literally worshiped by millions. Wondering why we are pouring all these candy words? Well, how can we start off describing a movie, which itself is based on fan moments? Putting aside all those fan boy/girl words, let’s now dig deep into this Sajid Yahiya directorial – Mohanlal.

Like you can see in most hardcore Mohanlal fans (be it any other star’s fans), the life of Meenakshi (Manju Warrier) roams around the movies of Mohanlal. Even her dreams are being constructed around Mohanlal movie references. For those who doubt the possibility of such a lady fan for a star in Malayalam, let’s yourself answer this simple question – Why should boys have all the fun? That said, Meenakshi, or Meenutti, who was born on the date of release of Mohanlal’s debut movie ‘Manjil Virinja Pookkal’, has gone onto be one of the biggest fans of the star (at least in her own terms). She got married to Sethu Madhavan (Indrajith), whose heart is filled with love for Meenakshi. Even after her marriage, Meenakshi continues to be a hardcore fan. ‘Mohanlal’ is an attempt to throw light to the life of a (lady) fan.

For the fans of the star, director has reserved a number of moments of Goosebumps. That said, after a particular point of time, it becomes lethargic. In line with several other fan movies, ‘Mohanlal’ too showers fans and their activities with praises. Had the story carried a bit more weight other than those fan worshipping moments, it could have been a bit more engaging. Movies are part of Indians in big time. So, the influence, which this popular culture exerts on people’s mind, is unquestionable. One thing, which we cannot leave out, is that, the towering persona of Mohanlal is there throughout the movie, despite the star not being part of star cast. Filled with many crazy fan moments, what makes ‘Mohanlal’ different from the rest, is the association of family element.

The script by Suneesh Varanad heavily banks on fandom and related activities. Director Sajid Yahiya has delivered, what the script demands. The story paid a special attention towards including even the smallest possible ways, in which fans find joy. Like we said earlier, the story could have been even more engaging, had they paid a bit more attention in bolstering the story on a tight roof. The rest of the technical – creative departments, like cinematography, music and to mention the rest, have all done justice towards the genre of the movie.

The movie has positioned Manju Warrier on the driver seat and the actress was comfortable leading the chart. She maintained her energetic level throughout the movie, despite loosely handling those crazy moments. Indrajith, as always made his part engaging. The dilemma, angst and moreover the love for Meenakshi, was visible in his eyes. Well, the movie has got a bunch of stars, who have got nothing to prove here. Interestingly, ‘Mohanlal’ has been successful in using the talent of most of them. All in all, makers have tried including almost all the elements, which are traditionally been considered loved by family audiences.

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