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Parava Movie Review

Soubin Shahir’s directorial debut ‘Parava’ has made a tremendous pre release buzz, mainly because of the presence of a star like Duquer. The movie focuses on the lives of a group of normal people in Mattanchery, particularly two kids, who are out and out engaged in the business of flying pigeons.

Movie starts off by showing the life of two brothers, Shayne (Shayne Nigam) and Irshad; soon then it started focusing mainly on Irshad and his friend Haseeb. While both excel in flying pigeons, their rival group stole one of their well trained pigeons. Though many advices them to try their luck at a new one, both the boys were determined to get what they had lost. The journey takes them through the dark sides of Mattanchery, wherein they come across some shocking realities. That is what ‘Parava’ has in its kitty as far as story is concerned with.

What makes ‘Parava’ interesting is undoubtedly the stunning performance by the lead characters. Essaying the central characters, both the boys excelled in their duty, while we also get to see some great performances from other known faces as well. It is on these great performances, which ‘Parava’ manages to engage us despite the fact that the script lacked the required freshness to deliver an out and out entertainer. That said, we should appreciate the casting made by the makers of ‘Parava’.

On the other hand, it must be stated that the story of the movie did look like a wafer thin plot, which indeed captures many of the fragments, which were told umpteen times in the past. Though started off promisingly, ‘Parava’ loses the touch with the central theme – making it go somewhere through the gang wars in Kochi. It is true that the presence of Dulquer Salmaan has given the much needed star value for ‘Parava’, which otherwise might not have been noticed by many. However, in an attempt to appeal the fans of Dulquer, ‘Parava’ inserted many unnecessary additions, which in a sense has slowed down the pace of the movie significantly.

However, what bring freshness amidst all these hullabaloos is some great performances from the technical department. Little Swaymp ensured that the frames of ‘Parava’ did look convincing enough to bring an altogether different experience. In fact, through the frames of him, ‘Parava’ looked like a visual grandeur at any point of time. Editor Praveen Prabhakar too deserves to be mentioned here. Well, if you want to rate Soubin Shahir’s performance in wielding the megaphone, then it has to be said that he has given a smooth outing. Albeit the script wasn’t a strong one, Soubin has managed to get an engaging product, which underlines how promising he could be in future.

Rating: 3/5

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