Is Twenty20 Cricket to Olympics? ICC conducted a survey among fans.

Former Indian cricket captain Rahul Dravid has pointed the idea of making the Twenty20 Cricket to Olympics as an event. T20 cricket is played in 75 countries. Therefore, competition of Twenty20 cricket in Olympics can be added. Quality pitches and other infrastructure will create exciting competition. Cricket would become more popular with the advent of the Twenty20 to Olympics,he said.

The ICC had conducted a survey among fans regarding the Twenty20 to Olympics being an event. Eighty-seven percent of those surveyed supported the idea of Twenty20 cricket being an Olympic sport. But the BCCI does not agree with this idea. Twenty20 cricket was played in the Asian Games of 2010 and 2014, but the BCCI did not send a team.

Apart from this, Rahul Dravid is of the opinion that the number of teams in the IPL should be increased. He said that there are many young talents in India who are waiting for opportunities and they will only get opportunities if the number of team get increased. He added that this will enhance the popularity of IPL matches too.