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Women’s Day: Balachandra Menon found this thing highly condemnable

This year, Women’s Day – March8 – has been celebrated in such a way, that it has gone onto grab such a great limelight. The day was filled with some heated discussions, which saw the participations of some popular figures. Well, Balachandra Menon has taken social media space to point out an interesting thing. Stating that he had come across a media discussion, in which the focus was given to the act of ‘masturbation’ amongst the women.

Taking social media spaces to share his opinion about the discussion, the ace filmmaker commented that such discussions were the product of some highly condemnable political plays. Mentioning the instances such as ‘Arppo Arthavam’, Balachandra Menon found the relevancies of such actions indigestible. He was also uncertain about the discussion helping women empowerment. Proven his talent in different areas of filmmaking, Balachandra Menon, however added one more thing that he never wanted to be part of the patriarchal system, which tries to crush the freedom of women.

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