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Kalidas’s fan boy moment for Trisha goes viral

We all know that Trisha has been one of the brightest stars in South Indian cinema, who has managed to score high in the longevity scales of her career. She also boasts a sizeable number of fans amongst celebrities. One of the most happening star kids of Malayalam cinema, Kalidas Jayaram is one such a huge fan of the actress. Recently, an image reached social media, wherein Kalidas Jayaram was seen looking at Trisha with awe.

It was Kalidas himself, who shared his fan boy moment. The pictures shared by the star, were taken during a recently held star night. Anyhow, the images haven’t taken much a time to make it to the list of most trending pictures amongst the movie buffs in social media. Many have commented that the images looked stunning and praised the photographer for his eye for candid moments.

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