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Mohanlal turned 59: Entire Mollywood joins for birthday boy’s celebration

With superstar Mohanlal turning 59, the entire film industry has gone celebrating the birthday of its biggest superstar. While most of the celebrity pages jumped into wish Mohanlal, there were some remarkable birthday wishes from round the corners. Meanwhile, Prithviraj’s birthday wish to the star has gone viral. Releasing a deleted video from Lucifer, the birthday wish made by Prithviraj has thus managed to become a perfect treat for the fans of Mohanlal.

That said, Mohanlal has taken the digital space to express his feelings of receiving birthday wishes. Adding that he had been receiving birthday wishes even before the actual day, the star has gone philosophical while mentioning about growing old. He maintained that each birthday makes him aware of the fact that the road to death is getting shortened. The star’s blog post was filled with gratitude for all those, who influenced him throughout the life so far.

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