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Rakul Preet Singh’s social media comments have gone viral

It is not new that celebrities come across derogatory comments in social media spaces. While many turns it down without paying much an attention on it, some others would come up with marked critical comments. Rakul Preet belongs to the latter section. One such a fearless and bold comment made by the actress in the social media spaces, have gone viral. Everything started off when the actress had uploaded a picture of her clad in jeans shirt and shorts.

A fellow social media follower has made some highly condemnable comments about the dress of the actress and added that the actress was having some ‘sessions’ inside the car. Well, the actress didn’t waste much time to react and didn’t think twice before which she made a sharp reply. The actress asked the social media user to pose the question to his mother, since his mother might have had some great sessions inside cars. She went onto state that it was due to such persons that women were facing problems in public. Her fierce comments have generated mixed response, with a section applauding her for what she had said; while another section found the actress’s comments way too assaulting for the social media user’s mother – who incidentally had no business there.

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