Monday, February 6, 2023
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RGV did it once again; locks horns with Mega family

Ram Gopal Varma has always maintained his position of taking a dig at people, especially powerful ones in the industry. Well, this time he has decided to lock the horns with Mega family, and Allu Bobby in particular. Allu Bobby, aka Venkatesh, who is the elder brother of Allu Arjun, was at the receiving end of RGV’s mocking comments earlier on the day.

Taking social media spaces, RGV maintained that he had just happened to see Allu Bobby, and was shocked of his looks. The tweet goes onto comment that Allu Bobby looked more of a man than any other man in the mega stylish power family. Well, the assaulting comment made by RGV hasn’t gone well with Mega fans, who have trolled back RGV, and reminding him of his yesteryear looks.

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