Friday, September 30, 2022

Sharafudeen unhappy about ‘Njaanum Neeyum’ for this thing

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Sharafudeen has emerged from just being yet another comedian, to a promising actor, who can handle different roles. ‘Njaanum Neeyum’ marked the first shift in his acting career – towards a lead role. A romantic entertainer, ‘Njaanum Neeyum’ has received positive response from various quarters. However, sharafudeen is not really happy with the way, the movie has been received by theatres. While mentioning about the struggle that the movie is facing in theatres, the young actor said that some of the theatre owners were not screening the movie citing lack of audience, eventhough there were enough people waiting outside the theatre.

Adding that many theatre owners prefer big budgeted projects, sharafudeen commented that the attitude would tarnish the prospects of young actor’s movies, which are generally made out on medium – small budgets.

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