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Sreenivasan Vs WCC: Here comes the comment of Hareesh Peradi

While the Women in Cinema Collective (WCC) has openly come criticizing actor Sreenivasan’s comment on Dileep in the actress abduction case, the social media is getting ready for some action. In a recent interview given to a leading media, Sreenivasan had opined that the actress abduction case against Dileep was a cooked up one. He was also critical about the functioning of WCC. The comment, which lived up to its nature of controversy, has invited flaks from round the corner, and most notable one being from WCC. A notable member of WCC, Revathy has come forward criticizing Sreenivasan and it has given way for some sparked comments in the social media.

Now, we have actor Hareesh Peradi coming forward with his comment on the issue. Taking social media spaces, the actor maintained that he stands with Sreenivasan. He opined that Sreenivasan’s comments which doubted the significance of WCC, were nothing, but which share the angst of common people. Adding that he too hasn’t got an idea about WCC and its functioning, Hareesh Peradi was also critical about the people in cyber space, who bashed out Sreenivasan. He maintained that since he has been leading the life of a rightful citizen, questions from people, who doesn’t pay attention to the social causes, would never hit him.

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