Friday, September 30, 2022

Sudani From Nigeria controversy: Soubin speaks for the first time

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‘Sudani From Nigeria’ had earned the distinction of being a project with zero negativity with it. Narrating the life of a group of football lovers in Malappuram, ‘Sudani From Nigeria’ has already entered the hit charts. The movie, which has virtually an unknown star cast (except Soubin and few others) has rightly found a chord with the audience. But, an important contribution to the movie was from a foreigner – Samuel Abiola Robinson. The Nigerian actor, who essayed the Nigerian footballer in the movie, was loved by all and every. However, off late, this Zakkaria directorial met with some controversies. Everything started off when Samuel Robinson has taken social media corners and shared his experience of racial discrimination. It was over wage issues, which the actor decided going in for an open war with the producers.

The news created quite a lot of stir in social media as well as the social circles in the state. A number of known personalities from round the corners, have shared their opinions on the issue. Later on, producers Samir Tahir and Shyju Khalid made it clear that they had never treated the actor badly. Maintaining that they had paid the actor according to the agreement, it however wasn’t enough to pacify the issue. The issue was of such magnitude that actor Jinu Joseph, who had mocked Samuel Johnson’s accusations, was heavily criticized. Well, one of the movie’s lead stars, Soubin Shahir has finally broken his silence on the issue. While giving interview to a leading media house, Soubin said that he had known the producers for a long time. He was of the opinion that they were never been greedy for money.

Soubin rightly said that somebody might have given wrong information to Samuel Robinson. The actor even added that he too wasn’t paid very well for the movie. Essentially a low budget movie, Soubin maintained that Samuel Robinson might have been paid better than him. Underlining that Samuel was given the amount according to the agreement, Soubin was seen unhappy over the controversial air surrounded the project.

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