Friday, September 30, 2022

Uyare s is a must watch movie, T Padmanabhan

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Noted writer T Padmanabhan has come in to praise Manu Asokan directed Uyare. Adding that the movie deserves to be applauded by all means, T Padmanabhan maintained that it was after a long time that he watched a movie in theatres. Underlining the social relevance of the project, the veteran writer has advocated the movie to be included in the list of must watch movies for youngsters.

Praising the director, along with all the cast and crew members, T Padmanabhan, however was tricky while praising the producers – Sherga, Shenuga and Sherga. Maintaining that since they are the daughters of PV Gangadharan, who was incidental in making quite a number of projects, T Padmanabhan found it quite natural for the three young ladies following a similar path.

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