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Blackbuck hunting: Saif wished luck and left Salman in a hurry

Salman Khan being jailed for a five year term was the most happening news last couple of days. The superstar, who has spent two nights in Jodhpur Central Jail, as of now, is surely going through a tough phase. Well, his millions of fans and Bollywood, stands united for releasing the star from the Jail. While producing the verdict, the Jodhpur CJM Court underlined on the point that the accused was a hugely popular star. The court also added that his activities could prompt a number of his followers to emulate his actions.

Many were eager to know about the response of the rest of the stars, who were involved with the controversy. All the others were declared innocent by the court, on grounds of not having enough evidences against them. Sources suggest that all of the acquitted stars left the court room around 12:30pm – even before Salman’s verdict was out. Well, before leaving, Saif is said to have wished Salman luck. It is not known, whether they expected a negative verdict for Salman or not. With all the rest of the stars leaving the court room in a hurry, it left Salman Khan all alone. However, his fans were of the opinion the stars could have spent a bit more time with Sallu. Some reports claim Salman to be saccading, when the rest left.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan’s lawyers are trying hard to get bail for the star and comfort his family. It was over the incident of killing two blackbucks in 1998, which Salman was sentenced to jail. The incident took place during the shooting of the movie ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’. Apart from the stars of the movie, local resident Dushyant Singh too was amongst the accused list. However, with the rest of the stars being acquitted over the instance, it left Salman to eat the concoction.

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