Friday, September 30, 2022

MA Nishad regrets over doing this Asif Ali movie..!

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Directors lamenting over their past projects, are not something unheard in Malayalam film industry. We have a prominent director here, who is moaning over one of his past flicks. None other than director MA Nishad is the one, who has come up with some strong comments over a project, which he committed eight years ago. Going back to 2010, MA Nishad has experienced a set back at box office with his ‘Best of Luck’. The movie, which starred Asif Ali, Kailash, Rima Kallingal and Archana Kavi in the lead roles, turned out to be a box office dud. When asked about the movie, MA Nishad was of the opinion that ‘Best of Luck’ was one project, which he should have never directed.

It was during an interview given to a media house, MA Nishad commented that ‘Best of Luck’ was a failure mainly because of the bad performance from its star cast. He pointed out that all the four youngsters back then, had delivered below par performance. He continued stating that the film was like an acting workshop for all the four stars. The director maintained that had the film roped in any good artists, who could handle humour very well, the box office fate of the movie would have been different. That said, what about veterans like Prabhu and Urvashi? MA Nishad had no different opinion about the caliber of both the veterans. The director commented that the youngsters however lacked the energy and enthusiasm to match with those of the two veterans.

Nevertheless, MA Nishad didn’t complain about the artists and takes accountability over the failure of the project. Soon after the start of shooting, he is said to have discussed the same with the movie’s producers. But, they insisted on continuing the shooting of the project. MA Nishad further said that he was deeply saddened over the disaster status earned by the movie, despite the presence of Megastar Mammootty in an extended cameo role.

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