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Manju Warrier celebrated Vishu with Tribal Colony of Madhu

Lady Superstar Manju Warrier has ensured that she has offered a different Vishu experience for the tribal colony in Attappadi. Visiting the tribal colony, in which Madhu was part of, the actress served Vishu Sadya for the colony members. It was in today afternoon, which Manju visited Madhu’s colony – Chindakki and his family. After reaching the colony, the actress has spoken and consoled the family members of Madhu. The Sadya was arranged outside the house of Madhu. After serving Sadya the actress also listened to the problems of the colony members. Well, the visit of the actress was part of the event arranged by ‘Manju Warrier Charitable Society’. Along with Manju Warrier, the members of the society too made their presence felt in the colony.

Earlier in the year, the whole Kerala got shocked to hear the sad death of Madhu, a fellow tribal colony member from Attappadi. The man was stalked to death by a group of people, accusing him of stealing. Well, the incident of the man being brutally beaten to death, started off a number of protests across the state. The tribal colony members from Attappadi too staged a protest over the issue. Soon after the incident, it was revealed that Madhu wasn’t a mentally stable person and the video visuals of Madhu being questioned by the mob, created a stir in social media corners. Madhu’s murder also gone onto set stage for heated political debates.

However, Manju Warrier’s visit of the tribal colony was one of the first such an attempt from Mollywood. Earlier, it was only Santhosh Pandit, who made a visit to the colony and offered food and other amenities for the colony members. Back then, he received appreciations from social media corners. Well, the visit of Manju has grabbed even better light and is receiving applauds from all quarters of the society. On her professional front, Manju Warrier’s Vishu release ‘Mohanlal’ is faring decently at the Kerala box office. Competing against two new releases and past movies, this Sajid Yahiya directorial has already earned the tagline of being a family entertainer.

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