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Me Too: Shyam Pushkaran’s fitting reply to Alencier

When the name of Alencier was heard in the ‘Me Too’ campaign, it brought much shock to Mollywood, since the actor was mostly associated with progressive movements. That said, Shyam Pushkaran, who was amongst the friend circles of Alencier, have decided not to work with Alencier, as was announced by a group of likeminded film personalities. While recollecting those days, Shyam Pushkaran maintained that Alencier had called him the other day, in order to discuss the issue.

Knowing that the intention behind Alencier was to help him to find a way to solve the case, Shyam Pushkaran had reportedly slammed his friend. He is also said to have maintained his position of fighting to ensure justice to the girl, Divya Gopinath. It was while speaking at the program conducted by WCC, which Shyam Pushkaran recollected those turbulent days, when he had to turn down friendships, for his concerns on the victim.

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