Thursday, September 29, 2022

Vishal’s directorial debut

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Weeks after exclusively confirming to us that he’s taking over as a director from Myshkin and will be debuting as a director with Thupparivalan 2, Vishal released the first look of the film today. The poster mentions Vishal as both the actor and the director.

Meanwhile, a two-page letter signed by Mysskin, with a subject line ‘Director’s requirement in Thupparivalan2 Project’, has been doing the rounds on social media for the last couple of days. In the letter, the director has mentioned 15 clauses that he wants to be incorporated in order for him to proceed with the film. Some of them include a salary of `5 crore excluding GST, rights to Hindi remake IPR rights to titles, further sequels and characters, the freedom to work in other projects in tandem and also finish those first if Thupparivalan 2 doesn’t get completed within 90 days, maintaining communications only through emails, paying office rent, maintenance, electricity and food expenses of the producer, and the right to abandon the film if his creative freedom, creative decision and modus operandi be infringed.

A source says, “The first schedule of the film got over on December 11 and Mysskin sent the letter almost 40 days later, sometime in February. Vishal, who’s also producing the film, and Mysskin have parted ways and legal documents have been signed now. Vishal has taken over as director and after completing a song for Chakra, he will go for a recce for Thupparivalan 2. Shooting should commence in the next few months.”
Meanwhile, in a press statement, Vishal has responded to the letter, stating, “As a producer, I still wonder why does a director, who specifically wanted to write the script in Canada and the UK and spent the producer’s money to the tune of close to `35 lakh for the above, drop out of the movie midway.”

“That too, after having started shoot without proper planning, location hunting, and spending close to `13 crores. Is it because I didn’t have the money to complete the film? No,” wrote Vishal, “Is it wrong if a producer pinpoints the mistakes of a director during the production of the film, for its betterment, especially when close to `15 lakhs per day was spent for a three-four-hour shoot in the UK? No. Is it wrong if a producer requests to shoot day and night instead of just two scenes a day to bring down the cost of the shoot? No. After saying you are not part of the film, then not completing the shoot on December 11, 2019, returning to India on January 4, 2020, and coming to VFF office only in the first week of February… Is it right on part of the director? Does the director even remotely know the troubles the producer goes through during the process of filmmaking?”

He further wrote, “The only reason why I’ve released this statement is because I don’t want any other producer, be it a veteran or a newcomer, to go through what I went through during the shoot of the film as a producer. It’s not to defame anybody. Thankfully, as someone who knows the nuances of filmmaking, I decided to not abandon this project. I’ll go ahead and direct the film myself and give it my best. I’ll make sure this film meets the expectations of everyone. Seeking your wishes for my directorial debut and hoping to do the best as a director.”

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