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Why Gopi Sunder left from Kammarasambhavam Audio launch..?

Starring Dileep in the lead role, ‘Kammarasambhavam’ is one of the most anticipated projects of recent times in Malayalam cinema. The movie has already gone onto become a rage amongst the film buffs, when the teaser got released. The audio launch function too generated significant buzz. During the audio launch function, Dileep mentioned about his much talked beard getup. Well, his Tsunami comment turned out to be much a discussed topic in social media corners. However, here is another interesting piece of information, which we have to share about ‘Kammarasambhavam’. Audio launch is a function, in which the center of attraction converges into one person – music director. However, the story was a bit different as far as ‘Kammarasambhavam’ is concerned.

When the full video coverage of ‘Kammarasambhavam’ audio launch hit the YouTube, it featured all the major celebrities, except one. The video featured the speeches delivered by even invited guests, but left out that of Gopi Sunder’s. Gopi Sunder himself has notified the incident through his social media pages. Soon when Gopi Sunder notified the same, the mistake was rectified and the music director’s footage was added then. He then came up with yet another post, thanking the online promotional team for adding his video footage. It was believed to be a mistake happened from the part of the movie’s online promotion team. However, later it was known to be a technical glitch and Gopi Sunder addressed the issue. Though happened by mistake, the issue generated significant buzz and turned out to be a topic for heated debate.

Directed by Rathish Ambat, ‘Kammarasambhavam’ features Dileep in the titular role. The movie also stars Siddharth, Murali Gopi, Bobby Simha, Vijararaghavan, Namitha Pramod and to name a number of known faces. Scripted by Murali Gopi, ‘Kammarasambhavam’ is considered to be a political satire. Essentially being the first release of Dileep after ‘Ramaleela’, the industry places high hopes on this Rathish Ambat flick.

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